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Can You Get a Glock in Massachusetts ?

Updated: May 2

Cerakoted Glock

A hotly debated aspect of Massachusetts gun laws revolves around the availability and legality of owning Glocks. If you're seeking clarity on this topic, you've found the right resource. We aim to demystify these complex laws in the simplest terms. Understanding the intricacies of gun ownership and operation laws within the state is crucial, as Massachusetts is known for its stringent gun regulations. It's vital to familiarize yourself with these laws before purchasing any firearm.

Can I buy a Glock from Gun Store?

Yes, but it must predate the approved handgun roster (Manufactured prior to October 21st 1998)

In Massachusetts, firearm dealers or Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) are required to adhere to the "approved handgun roster." This means they can only sell new handguns that appear on this list. Furthermore, these handguns must satisfy the Attorney General's safety standards. Although Glocks are listed on the approved handgun roster, they do not comply with the Attorney General's safety standards because they lack a loaded chamber indicator.

The laws surrounding this issue are complex, but the key takeaway is that Massachusetts dealers/FFLs cannot transfer Glock handguns to Massachusetts citizens unless the Glock was manufactured before the approved handgun roster was introduced (October 21, 1998).  This leads us to our first legal way to obtain a Glock in Massachusetts.

How can I get a Glock in Massachusetts?

A. Purchase a Glock that predates the "Approved Handgun Roster"

Fortunately, Dealers/FFL's are still permitted to transfer Glock handguns that were Manufactured before October 12th 1998. This means the iconic Gen 1, Gen 2, and a small window of Gen 3 Glocks may still be available at a gun store! While these are legal for transfer, they are rare, which means you are unlikely to find them at your local Massachusetts Gun Shop. Because of their rarity, you may find them at prices comparable or higher to the price of a brand new Glock.

Considering Glock has made almost no mechanical updates to their handguns since the introduction of the Gen 1, we think this is a completely viable option. The only real notable difference between modern & early Glocks is the dual recoil spring, the grip serrations, & the accessory rail. All things that could easily be solved with inexpensive upgrades. At Bay State Surplus, we like to supply the products you wont find at most gun shops, including retro Gen 2 Glocks. We will only stock them if they are in great condition, to ensure our customers can use them for decades. Check out our stock here!

B. Buy it privately

In Massachusetts, dealers are limited to transferring only Gen1, Gen2, and specific models of Gen3 Glocks to residents. However, there are no legal restrictions on private citizens selling brand new Glocks to each other. To conduct a lawful transaction, both the seller and buyer should be Massachusetts residents and hold a valid Massachusetts License to Carry a Firearm.

Despite the state's stringent firearm regulations, there exists a vibrant community of firearm enthusiasts who actively engage in online forums and platforms. These digital spaces can serve as valuable resources for connecting with others and locating the Glock model you desire.

C. "Build" it

Frame Transfers

With the imminent updates to Massachusetts law (BILL HD4420, or its current designation), it is expected that this method may soon become impractical. However, as of now, assembling your own Glock remains a viable option.

In Massachusetts, a "frame" is not classified as a "firearm" under the law. Consequently, some dealers are open to transferring newer (Gen4, Gen5) frames to MA residents. These residents can then procure the remaining parts independently and construct the Glock of their choice. Although this practice is not explicitly illegal for dealers, Massachusetts has made no secret of its opposition to it. As a result, many dealers within the state are reluctant to engage in this type of transfer.

3D Printing

3D printing has emerged as a popular alternative in recent years. As 3D printers become more affordable and advanced filaments continue to be developed, it's now possible to buy a 3D printer and produce three Glock frames for the same cost as purchasing one directly from Glock. While this is still technically legal, we do not recommend it.

D. Become a Police Officer

This one is obviously a joke, but it is worth mentioning that police officers are exempt from any laws that would prohibit them from buying a Glock. You may see a Glock in a gun store and wonder how it is there legally, because many gun stores will carry guns that only police officers can buy.

Conclusion: Is it possible to get a Glock Legally in Massachusetts.

The short answer is yes, you will just need to buy it privately or buy a Glock that was made before 1998. We know that Massachusetts gun laws are very complicated. Because of this, many residents and dealers have their own interpretations to these laws. We encourage you to read directly from the MGL and form your own interpretation on Massachusetts law. We are not lawyers here at Bay State Surplus, but we are happy to recite this information and help gun owners gain more insight regarding Massachusetts gun laws.


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