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Professional Firearm Appraisals in Massachusetts

Welcome to Bay State Surplus, your premier destination for professional firearm appraisals in Plymouth, South Shore, and throughout Massachusetts. Whether you're a collector, investor, or need to ascertain the value of a firearm for sale or inheritance, our expert appraisers provide accurate, reliable, and confidential services.

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Types of Firearms We Appraise

From antique pieces to modern tactical firearms, our expertise spans a diverse range of gun types. Whether it’s a Civil War-era pistol, a contemporary sporting rifle, or anything in between, trust Bay State Surplus to provide an appraisal that reflects the true worth of your firearm.


Serving Plymouth, South Shore, and Beyond

No matter where you're located in Massachusetts, Bay State Surplus is ready to assist you. We frequently conduct appraisals in Plymouth and South Shore areas, offering convenient, professional service tailored to meet the unique needs of our local clientele.

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Ready to find out the value of your firearms? Contact Bay State Surplus today to schedule a comprehensive appraisal. Our friendly, expert team is eager to assist you with all your gun appraisal needs in Plymouth, South Shore, Massachusetts.

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