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Gunsmithing Services at Bay State Surplus

Serving Kingston, the South Shore, and Massachusetts

At Bay State Surplus, we pride ourselves on providing professional gunsmithing services designed to meet the needs of firearm enthusiasts and professionals throughout Kingston, Plymouth, South Shore, and the wider Massachusetts area. Whether you're in need of detailed firearm maintenance, custom modifications, or expert repairs, our seasoned gunsmiths have the skills and equipment to ensure top performance and safety of your firearms.

Our Expertise in Gunsmithing

Comprehensive Gunsmithing Solutions in South Shore

Located in the heart of Massachusetts, Bay State Surplus is a premier provider of comprehensive gunsmithing services. Our experienced team is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of craftsmanship and functionality, ensuring that each firearm we handle is given meticulous attention.

Cleaning (Detailed)

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Cost: $125

Disassemble major components, ultrasonically clean and submerge all metallic and plastic parts in an oil bath. Hand scrub elements that cannot be cleaned using ultrasonic baths such as wooden stocks, grips and certain aluminum frames. Thoroughly clean the bore until it is free of any residue. Ensure all screws are tightly screwed in place.

Basic Cleaning Service

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Cost: $55

Perform a field strip, clean, oil, and reassemble according to the manufacturer's instructions to ensure the operator-level maintenance of the device.

Detail Cleaning & Safety Inspection

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Cost: $160

Disassemble major components, subject metal and polymer parts to ultrasonic cleaning and oil bath, and manually clean items such as wooden stocks, grips, and aluminum frames that cannot be processed with the ultrasonic technology. Thoroughly clean the bore and torque all screws to the appropriate level. Finally, conduct a safety inspection.

Basic Cleaning & Inspection

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Cost: $85

Basic cleaning & Safety Check

BoreScope inspection

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Cost: $25

Inspect the interior of your barrel's bore with a borescope to get an accurate assessment of its condition. You can either pick up the borescope or have it dropped off.

Mount a Scope

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Cost: $80

Position rings and set eye relief, secure scope with screws, tightened to the specified torque, and lock-tite them in place. Bore sight the scope to the customer's predetermined load and range, providing a ballistic print out for reference.

Zero Scope with bore sight

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Cost: $40

Using a sighting laser and specially designed software, a target can be zeroed in at a specific distance and load, and a printed ballistics curve is included.

Basic Diagnostic

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Cost: $65

To identify the issue with a firearm, a test firing, cleaning, inspection, and additional test firing may be required. After completion, you will be provided a repair estimate. In some cases, a thorough cleaning may resolve the problem.

Safety Inspection

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Cost: $65

Perform a safety inspection to ensure the firearm is ready to fire. Examine the headspace and confirm that all safety features are working properly. Test the trigger pull to verify it is within the safe limit.

Restoration of FN / Browning 1905
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Reliable Firearm Repairs in Kingston

Our Kingston clients trust us for reliable repairs that stand the test of time. We employ advanced diagnostic techniques and cutting-edge tools to quickly identify issues and implement effective solutions. Whether it’s a historic antique or a modern tactical firearm, we bring expertise and reverence to every repair job.

Why Choose Bay State Surplus?


Custom Firearm Modifications in Plymouth

Customization is key for many gun owners, and at Bay State Surplus, we understand that each modification needs to be tailored to fit the specific requirements and preferences of our clients. From precision milling to custom engraving, our services in Plymouth are designed to enhance both the performance and aesthetics of your firearms.

Serving a Wide Area

Accessible Gunsmithing Across Massachusetts

No matter where you’re located in Massachusetts, Bay State Surplus aims to be your go-to for reliable, high-quality gunsmithing services. With a keen focus on accessibility and customer satisfaction, we strive to serve as many customers within and beyond the South Shore area.

Visit Us

Our shop is conveniently located in 62 Main St STE 205B, Kingston MA and we invite you to stop by or schedule an appointment. For more information or to discuss your gunsmithing needs, don't hesitate to reach out!

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