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Obtain Your Firearm License (LTC) in Massachusetts in no time with the
Basic Firearm Safety Course
What's included in the Course?

In our comprehensive 4-hour Basic Firearm Safety Course, you will learn essential safety principles crucial for responsible firearm handling. In addition to these fundamental safety measures, we will cover a variety of important topics, including:

• Trigger Discipline

• Safe handling of malfunctions

• Legal and safe travel with firearms

• Firearm ownership regulations in Massachusetts

• Proper storage techniques for firearms and ammunition

• Identifying and understanding different types of firearms

• Basic maintenance and cleaning procedures

• Understanding the role of situational awareness

• Best practices for firearm safety at home and on the range

• Familiarization with Massachusetts firearm laws and regulations


Join us to ensure you have the knowledge and confidence to handle firearms safely and responsibly.

Upon finishing this course, you will be awarded a certificate of completion. Please note that this certificate is a mandatory requirement for applying for your LTC.

How to get your Gun License in Massachusetts

Step 1: Complete Basic Firearm
Safety Course (This Course)

The first step to obtaining your LTC is to complete an approved Basic Firearm Safety Course.  When the class is complete.  You will receive a certificate of completion.

Step 2: Fill Out LTC Application

After receiving your certificate of completion, fill out the application for your LTC. Ensure all required information is accurately provided.

Step 3: Drop Certificate & LTC Application to Local Police

Once your certificate of completion and LTC application are ready, coordinate with your local police department to drop them off. The police will send your application and certificate to the state, and you will receive your LTC in the mail within a specified timeframe.

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  • Obtain your LTC in Massachusetts with our 4 hour class!

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    150 US dollars
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