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Welcome to Bay State Surplus, the premier FFL and gunsmith in Kingston, Massachusetts. We are proud to provide our customers with a wide selection of firearms, firearms transfers, and gunsmithing services.

Bay State Surplus - Your Local and Trusted Gun Buyers

Welcome to Bay State Surplus, your premier and local trusted used gun buyers. We are a specialized appointment only gun shop located in the heart of Bay State. We operate with a simple goal - to provide the most seamless, secure, and profitable way for gun owners to sell their used guns. We pride ourselves in offering the best price for used guns, ensuring you get the value you deserve.

Selling Second Hand Firearms in Bay State Safely

As second-hand firearms experts in Bay State, we work hard to make the process of selling your guns as simple as possible. To sell your used guns, setting an appointment with us is all it takes. With our innovative appointment system, you can count on a straightforward and private firearm sale experience, ensuring your safety and convenience every step of the way. Whether you're selling antique firearms inherited from your family or used guns from your personal collection, we are your reliable choice.

Offering the Best Price for Used Guns

When it comes to buying used guns, you want to make sure you're getting a fair price. That's why at Bay State Surplus, we are committed to presenting the best deal possible. We evaluate each firearm meticulously and propose competitive prices based on the item's condition, market demand, and rarity. Whether it's a rare collectible item or a widely available model, we guarantee that your firearm's worth is reflected in our offer.

Convenient Gun Trade-In Opportunities

Are you looking to trade in your used guns? We are more than pleased to accommodate your needs. Our gun trade-in service is as simple and stress-free as our buying process. Just bring in your firearm, and we'll evaluate its current market value. From there, we'll let you choose an item from our inventory that matches or is less than that value. We believe that trading in your firearm should be a straightforward and rewarding experience.

Your Trusted Gun Consignment Store

At Bay State Surplus, we also offer a gun consignment service to help you sell your firearm at its full market value. We will store, market, and sell your item, while you sit back and wait for your payout. In our shop, we aim to balance fast turnover with a healthy profit for our consignors. Whether you have a single item or an entire collection, our gun consignment service provides an excellent solution for selling your used firearms.

Local Gun Buyers with Integrity

As your local gun buyers, we believe in maintaining transparency, honesty, and integrity in all our transactions. We understand the emotional value that each firearm holds, and we strive to respect that by giving you an honest price and a hassle-free experience. We guarantee confidentiality and professionalism in every transaction, cementing our reputation as the most trusted gun buyers in Bay State.

Join our Community

We invite you to explore our diverse selection of firearms, find out more about our services, and be a part of our growing community. Schedule an appointment today and experience the best of Bay State Surplus - your trusted used gun buyers. Let's make the most out of your firearm investment together.

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