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Upholding Our Rights: New Proposed Massachusetts Gun Laws Threatening Second Amendment Freedoms

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

People in Suits inspecting Firearms

At Bay State Surplus, as responsible citizens and proud gun store owners, we hold a deep dedication to preserving the fundamental values and rights enshrined in the Second Amendment. Our concern grows as we draw attention to an imminent bill in Massachusetts that poses a significant danger to the Second Amendment rights of our fellow Commonwealth citizens. Known as Bill HD.4420, named "An Act Modernizing Firearm Laws" and presented by Michael Day of Stoneham, this 140 page proposal aims to introduce a myriad of unnecessary complexities to our already intricate gun laws. Furthermore, it jeopardizes our constitutional rights in numerous ways. This article endeavors to illuminate the provisions of this bill and its potential repercussions on our treasured liberties.

1. Complete Ban on Carrying Firearms on Private Property:

One alarming provision of the pending bill seeks to prohibit carrying firearms on private property without express permission from the property owner. While it is crucial to respect private property rights, this measure undermines an individual's right to self-defense. Responsible gun owners should not be unjustly restricted in their ability to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their property.

2. Ban on Carrying Firearms in Government Buildings:

Another concerning aspect of the bill is the proposed ban on carrying firearms in government buildings. This restriction could potentially leave law-abiding citizens defenseless, creating vulnerable spaces for criminals to exploit. We must remember that the presence of responsible firearm owners can act as a deterrent to crime, enhancing public safety instead of hindering it.

3. Serialization and Registration of Magazines, Barrels, and Upper Receivers:

The bill also includes stringent regulations requiring serialization and registration of magazines, barrels, and upper receivers, treating them similarly to the firearms themselves. While striving for responsible gun ownership is important, such regulations can infringe upon the rights of law-abiding gun owners and impose unnecessary burdens. This provision fails to address the root causes of violence while placing an undue administrative burden on citizens.

4. Mandatory 3+ Day Waiting Period for Firearm Transactions:

Another concerning aspect of the bill is the imposition of a mandatory waiting period of three or more days for all firearm transactions. While background checks are vital in ensuring the responsible ownership of firearms, excessively long waiting periods can significantly hinder individuals' ability to exercise their constitutional rights. This provision fails to acknowledge that timely self-defense may be critical in certain situations.

5. Ban on 80% Firearms:

The pending bill further includes a complete ban on "80% firearms," a term referring to firearms that require finishing touches or assembly by the purchaser. While it is prudent to regulate firearms to ensure their responsible use, a complete ban on 80% firearms denies individuals an opportunity to exercise their right to bear arms. This provision disregards the fact that many law-abiding citizens enjoy building and customizing their firearms responsibly.


The pending bill in Massachusetts introduces several provisions that jeopardize the Second Amendment rights of Commonwealth citizens and fail to address the root causes of violence effectively. It is imperative that we engage in informed discussions and advocacy to protect our constitutional rights as responsible gun owners. At Bay State Surplus, we remain dedicated to promoting responsible gun ownership while preserving the fundamental rights that are crucial to the fabric of American society.

As community members, we encourage fellow citizens to reach out to their representatives, engage in constructive dialogue, and voice concerns about the potential infringement on our Second Amendment rights. Together, we can ensure that any legislation in Massachusetts is fair, reasonable, and upholds the values central to our nation's foundation.

Remember, the Second Amendment is not just about guns; it represents the fundamental freedoms upon which our great nation was built. Let us stand united in safeguarding these rights for ourselves and future generations.

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