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A close up image of a loaded Glock chamber

Can you get a Glock in Massachusetts?

Yes, but read this short article to find out how.

Yes, you can get a Glock in Massachusetts. However, it is important to understand the regulations and laws that come along with owning and operating a gun in the state. Massachusetts has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, so it is important to read up on the laws in the state before you purchase a gun of any kind.

Can I buy a Glock from Gun Store?


No, Massachusetts prohibits dealers (FFL/Gun Shops) from selling any firearm that is not on the approved firearms roster.  Since Glocks are not included on the approved firearms roosters, Gun Shops are prohibited from selling them.

How can I get a Glock in Massachusetts?

Despite Massachusetts having some of the most nonsensical and strict gun laws in the country.  There are multiple ways for you to get your hands on one of these iconic firearms.  Listed below are 4 different ways you can legally obtain a Glock as a private citizen of Massachusetts.

A. Purchase a Glock that was manufactured before 1998

Fortunately, Licensed dealers are still permitted to make sales of Glock Pistols that were Manufactured before 1998.  This means the iconic Generation 1 Glock is free game! But given the fact that these are hard to come by, you'll be hard pressed to find one at a reasonable price.  Because of this high price, unless you're a Glock Gen 1 aficionado, this option is pretty ridiculous.

B. Buy it privately

As previously stated. Dealers in Massachusetts are not allowed to sell any firearms that are not on the approved roster, meaning Glocks are not available for sale at any Gun Shops. But this only applies to dealers/shops, private sellers are free to sell Glocks of all shapes and sizes.  

C. "Build" it

We put “build” in quotation marks for a reason.  If you can tie your shoes, you can “build” a glock.  Construction consists of lining up the rails of the slide to the frame and simply pulling the slide back. Neither the frame nor the slide of a Glock are considered a firearm under Massachusetts law, but as soon as your Glock is assembled, it must be registered as a firearm within 10 days by filling out an EFA10 form.  If you are looking to get your Glock at the best price possible, building it will likely be your best solution.

D. Become a Police Officer

This one is obviously a joke, but it is worth mentioning that police officers are exempt from any laws that would prohibit them from buying a Glock.  You may see a Glock in a gun store and wonder how it is there legally,  because many gun stores will carry guns that only police officers can buy. 

Conclusion:  Is it possible to get a Glock Legally in Massachusetts.  

The short answer is yes, you will just need to buy it privately or buy a Glock that was made before 1998. We know that Massachusetts gun laws are very complicated.  Because of this, many residents and dealers have their own interpretations to these laws.  We encourage you to read directly from the MGL and form your own interpretation on Massachusetts law.  We are not lawyers here at Bay State Surplus, but we are happy to recite this information and help gun owners gain more insight regarding Massachusetts gun laws.

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